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The best similar charas

Rank 1

桜田淳子(中学) (Suitability: 47% : Partly similar )
Elements in common:

Female , Member , Natural human , Tall , Huge breasts , Normal skin color , Black hair , Little skin appeared(tops) , Little skin appeared(bottoms) , Heroine , Overabundant health , Middle class , Kind , Serious and Loves opposite sex

Rank 2

Takao (Suitability: 47% : Partly similar )
Kantai Collection
Elements in common:

Female , Combatant or soldier , Tall , Slim , Normal skin color , Looks cute , Black hair , Drooping eyes , Hidden ear , Hidden forehead , White (tops 2nd color) , Gloves , Little skin appeared(tops) , Overabundant health , Combats , Kind , Serious , Maternal and Loves opposite sex

Rank 3

小野寺小咲 (Suitability: 46% : Partly similar )
Elements in common:

Female , About high school students , Member , Natural human , Black hair , Drooping eyes , Little skin appeared(tops) , Heroine , Classmate , Middle class , Weak , Kind , Serious , Speaks friendly , Loves opposite sex and Has interest in the love affair

ファ・ユイリィ Fa Yuiry's elements:

Female, About high school students, Young appearance than age, Combatant or soldier, Member, Natural human, Living in space,
Tall, Slim, Huge breasts, Normal skin color, Looks cute,
Black hair, Medium Hair, Wave hair,
Drooping eyes, Hidden ear, Hidden forehead,
Ride a humanoid weapon,
Yellow clothes (tops), White (tops 2nd color), Combat clothes (tops), Stand‐up collar, Gloves, Little skin appeared(tops),
Yellow clothes (bottoms), Combat clothes (bottoms), Little skin appeared(bottoms),
Heroine, Has an active chapter, Overabundant health, Classmate, Middle class, Combats,
Forgettable, Weak, Clever,
Kind, Serious,
Maternal, Speaks friendly, Loves opposite sex and Has interest in the love affair

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Fa Yuiry
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mio Honda
The Idolmaster

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ファ・ユイリィに似ているキャラの、ファ・ユイリィも持つ属性のエピソードで補完をします。ファ・ユイリィ が異なる環境に生まれていたら、どう行動していたか想像する一助にして下さい。

ファ・ユイリィに似ている 松浦果南(ラブライブ!) 高校生程度 エピソード

1: 2016/09/20(Tue) 03:16:32  ZGU0NzI1Zj




ファ・ユイリィに似ている 小野寺小咲(ニセコイ) 優しい エピソード

1: 2019/01/10(Thu) 21:47:40  OTg2MzJhZm



ファ・ユイリィ の 優しい な画像



Fa Yuiry 's Suitable Elements(Actually he/she does not have but seems to have)

・ファ・ユイリィ がこの属性を持っていたら…と考えたりして楽しもう!

Status: Blood type B (25%)  Living in a city (21%) 
Appearance: Fair skin (25%)  Normal breasts (21%) 
Head (hair): Just down the hair (32%)  Short Medium (29%)  Curled hair (21%)  Long hair (21%) 
Head (the rest): Thin eyebrows (32%)  Whole appeared ear (21%)  まつ毛(29%)  
Clothes (tops): Whitish clothes (tops) (46%) 
Clothes (bottoms): Mini skirt (39%)  High socks (36%)  Partly skin appeared(bottoms) (36%)  Blue color of clothes (bottoms) (29%)  Black (bottoms 2nd color) (29%)  White (bottoms 2nd color) (21%) 
Background: Regular (64%) 
Ability: Unreliable (29%)  Bad luck (21%)  特殊な能力者(25%)  
Basic personality: Self‐assured (36%)  Lively (29%)  Masochistic (25%) 
Personality: Elegant (32%)  Sensuality (25%)  Speaks politly (21%) 

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 Youth appearance:
 Birth month
 Blood type
Appearance Height:
 Skin color:
Head (hair) Hair color:
 Hair Length:
 Hair style
 Hair type:
 Curly hair
 Hair ornaments
Head (the rest) 目の角度:
 Eye Shape
 Ear and Horn:
Belongings Equipment
Clothes (tops) Clothe Color:
 Second color:
 Clothe Form:
 Sleeve length
 Hand and wrist:
Clothes (bottoms) Clothe color:
 Second color
Background Role:
 Turn on stage:
 Homely position
 Health condition:
 Club activities
 Relation with the protagonist:
Ability Strong point
 Weak point
 Favorite food
 Dislike food
Basic personality Heart strength
 Mental age
 SM temperament
 Weirdo degree
Personality Intention:
 Way of talking:
 First-person expression
 Love object:
 Interest in the affair:

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