--- Begins with K --- - Character diagnosis! (Find character similar to you/your friends!)

Select 4 - 5 or more character traits which a person you want to diagnose has, and find similar anime/cartoon characters! Find characters close to your favorite character, your friends or you, then spend a rich character life! (Diagnosing only by personality attributes is also interesting!)
Your/diagnosing person's Name: (optional)

First Question (1/6) : Which Sociability does the person has?

Sociable Amiable With leadership Shy Often refrains Often lonely Insensitive Selfish Skip )

Or, you can select elements from all elements by using form below. (To limit charas by appearing work, search its title by the form above.)

Status Sex Age Youth appearance Profession
 Profession Industry Position Birth month Blood type
 Race Address Birthplace Type
 Type2 As if animal
Appearance Height Thickness Breast Skin color
 Direction Evaluation of appearance
Head (hair) Hair color Hair Length Hair style Bangs
 Hair type Curly hair Hair ornaments
Head (the rest) Eye angle Eye Shape Eye decoration 目の色1
 目の色2 Ear and Horn Forehead Tooth
 Whisker Eyebrow Hat Glasses
Belongings Equipment Vehicle Ornament
Clothes (tops) Clothe Color Second color Clothe Form Sleeve length
 Overware Neck Necktie Exposure
 Hand and wrist
Clothes (bottoms) Clothe color Second color Skirt Trousers
 Socks Shoes Exposure Waist
Background Role Turn on stage Homely position Health condition
 Characteristic Richness Club activities 競技
 Past Relation with the protagonist Popularity How to be treated
Ability Strong point How to spend Weak point Weakness human relations
 Strength Intelligence Favorite food Dislike food
Basic personality Heart strength Vigorousness Sociability Attitude
 Pride Gentleness Honesty Mental age
 SM temperament Weirdo degree
Personality Intention Action principle Hobby What to like to do
 Way of talking 多用する言葉 First-person expression Love object
 Interest in the affair Elegance
Limit by work:  Reset all selections.Select from all elements list.

 The characters will be listed here according to your answers.
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