Rurouni Kenshin - Character diagnosis! (Find character similar to you/your friends!)

Select 4 - 5 or more character traits which a person you want to diagnose has, and find similar anime/cartoon characters! Find characters close to your favorite character, your friends or you, then spend a rich character life! (Diagnosing only by personality attributes is also interesting!)
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First Question (1/6) : Which Sociability does the person has?

Sociable Amiable With leadership Shy Often refrains Often lonely Insensitive Selfish Skip )

Or, you can select elements from all elements by using form below. (To limit charas by appearing work, search its title by the form above.)

Status Sex
 Youth appearance
 Profession Industry
 Birth month
 Blood type
 As if animal
Appearance Height
 Skin color
 Evaluation of appearance
Head (hair) Hair color
 Hair Length
 Hair style
 Hair type
 Curly hair
 Hair ornaments
Head (the rest) Eye angle
 Eye Shape
 Eye decoration
 Ear and Horn
Belongings Equipment
Clothes (tops) Clothe Color
 Second color
 Clothe Form
 Sleeve length
 Hand and wrist
Clothes (bottoms) Clothe color
 Second color
Background Role
 Turn on stage
 Homely position
 Health condition
 Club activities
 Relation with the protagonist
 How to be treated
Ability Strong point
 How to spend
 Weak point
 Weakness human relations
 Favorite food
 Dislike food
Basic personality Heart strength
 Mental age
 SM temperament
 Weirdo degree
Personality Intention
 Action principle
 What to like to do
 Way of talking
 First-person expression
 Love object
 Interest in the affair
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 The characters will be listed here according to your answers.

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ヤンキー系 (40%, 14.11倍) +    和服(トップス) (60%, 13.56倍) +    2月生まれ (40%, 13.22倍) +    ムキムキ(胸) (60%, 12.62倍) +    壮年 (40%, 12.50倍) +    和服(ボトムス) (40%, 11.57倍) +    無法者 (40%, 9.66倍) +    色恋に興味が無い (60%, 9.08倍) +    刃物を持つ (60%, 8.81倍) +    戦闘する (80%, 6.94倍) +    過去を乗り越えた (40%, 6.66倍) +    戦闘員・兵士・軍人 (60%, 6.45倍) +    戦いが上手 (80%, 6.40倍) +    気性が激しい (40%, 5.50倍) +    とても強い (60%, 4.87倍) +    慕われている (40%, 4.86倍) +    有名 (60%, 4.80倍) +    白系の服(ボトムス) (40%, 4.14倍) +    異性が好き (100%, 3.94倍) +    活躍章がある (40%, 3.81倍) +    (60%, 3.76倍) +    ほぼ肌が見えない(ボトムス) (60%, 3.25倍) +    黒髪 (60%, 3.18倍) +    身長高め (60%, 3.18倍) +    精神年齢が高い (60%, 2.87倍) +    身長低め (40%, 2.81倍) +    耳が一部見えている (40%, 2.78倍) +    利発 (60%, 2.62倍) +    年齢より若い外見 (40%, 2.61倍) +    上品 (40%, 2.56倍) +    自然な人間 (80%, 2.34倍) +    やせ型 (60%, 2.33倍) +   



Loves opposite sex(100%)    Male(80%)    Normal skin color(80%)    Combats(80%)    Good at fighting(80%)    Natural human(80%)    Musclar chest(60%)    Tall(60%)    Appearance of the corresponding age(60%)    Black hair(60%)    Famous(60%)    Combatant or soldier(60%)    Little skin appeared(bottoms)(60%)    Self‐assured(60%)    High mental age(60%)    Kind(60%)    Clever(60%)    Pretty strong(60%)    Ore (generally males' first-person expression)(60%)    Has no interest in the love affair(60%)    Regular(60%)    Kimono (tops)(60%)    With a knife(60%)    Slim(60%)    Whitish clothes (bottoms)(40%)    Kimono (bottoms)(40%)    Whitish clothes (tops)(40%)    Endeared(40%)    Ruffian(40%)    Born in February(40%)    Hidden forehead(40%)    Partly appeared ear(40%)    Prime of life(40%)    Overcame the past(40%)    Normal vigorousness(40%)    Ally(40%)    Elegant(40%)    Young appearance than age(40%)    Violent temper(40%)    Naughty(40%)    Has an active chapter(40%)    Decent(40%)    High pride(40%)    Low height(40%)    Straight hair(40%)    Shoes(20%)    Likes fighting(20%)    Tabi(20%)    Stomach band(20%)    Old brother position(20%)    (List of Characters list with these elements)


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